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These aren't necessarily tunes that I play, or will ever play. This is just me playing with my computer. They're mostly tunes I happen to like, and I decided to set them in BagpipeTEX. From there, I converted them into GIF images, which you are free to download should you be so inclined. Barring unforeseen circumstances, I plan to keep adding tunes to this page, so you may want to check back periodically.

Having said that, I think these are all good swinging tunes that are well suited for a street band's repertoire. Like most such tunes, there's nothing difficult about them - almost any band could learn any of them.

These being all old standards, I assume that they're long out of copyright. If I'm wrong, tell me, and I'll remove the offending tune.

I have resorted the tunes so that the 2/4 and 6/8 categories are now broken into subgroups of 2, 3, and 4+ parted tunes.

Printing Problems

Some people have told me that the ends of the lines (and some of the notes) disappear when they print the tunes. Go here for instructions on adjusting your print settings.

Practice Sheets

For those interested in trying some of the more difficult tunes, I have added what I refer to as "practice sheets". These are not intended to replace the standard music; they're meant to be an aid in working out the timing. For a fuller explanation, see the page on Learning Tunes.





9/8 Retreat Marches

Slow Marches



  • Isabella Thomson Schottische
  • Schottische Schottische

    Tunes Appropriate for Certain Occasions


  • The Dirge of the Black Watch
  • Flowers of the Forest
  • Lochaber No More
  • MacGregor of Rora

    Burns Night

  • A Man's a Man For A' That

    St. Patrick's Day

  • Wearing of the Green

    Fourth of July

  • America the Beautiful
  • God Bless America
    Some Hints on Learning Tunes
    Building Your Band's Repertoire

    Some Notes on Drone Reeds
    A Few Links
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